UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D

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LED 311nm narrowband uvb light for children vitiligo psoriasis KN-4003B1/B2

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Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003BL2 1*9W-NBUVB (alternating current )
KN-4003BL2D 1*8W-NBUVB (rechargeable lithium battery )

Hand held wand uvb light with comb for scalp KN-4003A/BL2 (alternating current)

Hand held wand uvb light with comb for scalp KN-4003A/BL2D (Direct Current)

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Mobile APP


Electronic prescription



120V, 230V

Bulb Configuration

Alternating Current, Rechargeable Lithium Battery

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  1. Linda

    I have suffered from P for 13 yrs, It gets really bad on my joints so bad that I cannot bend my arms as my elbows are thick plaques!.

    Its been 2 weeks now & I am up to a minute and the difference in my skin is amazing! gone are the thick plaques and it has been reduced to slightly pink and alot smoother. I can bend my arms without pain, no itch or skin flaking off.

    The unit was totally worth it, I have no doubts it will clear it up then I plan to only use the unit once or twice a week to keep it at bay.

  2. Patricia

    I have had psoriasis for some years, I found it absolutely great. Just started uvb on 24th November. Fingers crossed it works. I did 6mins 3 days a week and OMG it cleared right up!! Best treatment I ever had and i got a nice tan to go with it lol. Remember put lots of moisturiser on afterwards.

  3. Daniel

    This wand sidnificantly accelerated healing from eczema wounds. It improved my eczema and neuropathy conditions. The directions are clear and easy to follow. The strength of the light and the area of coverage are rather inefficient for the UVB Light Therapy protocol to cure eczema and neuropathy. It’s not even close to the benefits one can obtain by using a UVB light box under the care of a good dermatologist. However, if that is not an option, this device really takes the edge off.

    Be mindful to use the UVB protection goggles that come with it and to be willing to use the wand on the troubled areas for the full time instead of just doing pass overs, and be under the direction of a dermatologist so you don’t burn yourself and/or get skin cancer from overuse. Also, don’t use more than every other day. Simultaneously, using it less than 3 times per week was completely ineffective for me.

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