UV lamp KN-4003AL/BL

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Home use 311nm narrowband uvb wand lamps light with comb KN-4003AL/BL.



Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003AL 1*9W-PUVA
KN-4003BL 1*9W-NBUVB


Effective treatment of:

Psoriasis Eczema Vitiligo
Plaque Psoriasis Atopic Dermatitis Generalized Vitiligo
Guttate Psoriasis Contact Dermatitis Segmental Vitiligo
Inverse Psoriasis Dyshidrotic eczema Universal Vitiligo
Pustular Psoriasis Nummular eczema Lip-tip Vitiligo
Erythrodermic Psoriasis Seborrheic Dermatitis
Psoriatic arthritis Psoriasis Stasis Dermatitis


Scalp psoriasis cure with comb, philips medical uvb light therapy for home use. 311nm narrowband uv light lamps is the best treatment for psoriasis, yes timer function, easy operate,wand design,worldwide delivery,free shipping.




Built-in timer, automatic shutdown, accurate treatment. Buid-in reflector increase the effeciency of exposure.





Special comb for scalp psoriasis, keep working distance at 3cm.





Small size and light weight, convient for patients to carry.





110V / 230V with all kinds of plugs available.

Additional information

Use type





120V, 230V

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  1. Karen

    My husband uses this phototherapy light for the psoriasis part of his psoriatic arthritis. He does a treatment every two days. It is easy to set the treatment time and the comb attachment acts as a measurement guide for distance from the skin. The goggles provided are necessary for eye protection during use. The size of the unit makes it easy to concentrate on the area of skin that is affected. My husband’s results are visible. After one month of use, there is a marked difference in his psoriasis. What started out as severe raised scaly and flaky red patches are now smooth unraised patches. The flaky scales are gone and so is the itching that was persistent. The redness is still visible but it has diminished. My husband always follows treatment with a good moisturizer. He uses tamanu oil. The directions for the unit could be more thorough. They tell how to turn the unit on but say nothing about how long a treatment time should be. My husband started at 30 seconds per treatment area then increased by 15 seconds. He now treats each area for 3.5 minutes. I would recommend this phototherapy light as an effective way to treat psoriasis.

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