UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL


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Home use 311nm narrowband uvb wand lamps light with comb KN-4003AL/BL.

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Model Bulb configuration
KN-4006AL 2*9W-PUVA
KN-4006BL 2*9W-NBUVB


Effective treatment of:

Psoriasis Eczema Vitiligo
Plaque Psoriasis Atopic Dermatitis Generalized Vitiligo
Guttate Psoriasis Contact Dermatitis Segmental Vitiligo
Inverse Psoriasis Dyshidrotic eczema Universal Vitiligo
Pustular Psoriasis Nummular eczema Lip-tip Vitiligo
Erythrodermic Psoriasis Seborrheic Dermatitis
Psoriatic arthritis Psoriasis Stasis Dermatitis


Treatment head can be rotated within 90. Stable and long usage life philips special UV lamps as light source. Narrow band uv light with high intensity.Small volume, light weight, convenient to carry.




Enough exposure area, 311nm narrowband UVB or PUVA uv light irradiation.





Voice prompt function.





LCD display, built-in timer, count down function.





110V / 230V with all kinds of plugs available.

Additional information

Use type





120V, 230V


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