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Using Philips Narrowband Lamps

Skin diseases are not an isolated pathology that affects the protective barrier, but a systemic manifestation of internal and immune system disorders. Knowing common skin problems means being able to cure them at least at an early stage. The use of such an innovative invention as Philips Narrow band UVB medical bulbs made it possible to defeat dermatitis, psoriasis, jaundice, eczema, vitiligo, and others. The positive impact of this device has been clinically proven by many experts in the medical field around the world.

Philips UVB Narrowband

Philips has developed UVB Narrowband phototherapy lamps that are effective and safe for clinical use in the treatment of skin disorders. Light therapy (phototherapy) is known to mankind since ancient times and nowadays, thanks to numerous studies, it is a golden standard of psoriasis treatment. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation of a certain wavelength spectrum, many biologically active substances are formed in the skin and there is a cascade of biochemical reactions, which leads to a pronounced therapeutic effect.

philips narrow band uvb medical bulbs

Such light can affect the skin differently depending on the wavelength. Therefore, for greater safety, scientists managed to separate the necessary light. Philips UVB lamp can slow down the regeneration of affected cells, which helps to get rid of eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis, etc. Considering the statistical data and many years of experience in applying phototherapy in the treatment of such skin diseases worldwide, phototherapy can achieve persistent remission and significantly alleviate the patient’s condition.

Ease Of Use And Benefits

Medicine is not standing still, and therefore treatment at home becomes more accessible and no less effective than when visiting the clinic. Thanks to the availability of Philips UVB Narrowband, patients can perform treatment of emerging skin diseases on their own and in a comfortable place. Another advantage of this invention is its ease of use. It will take several minutes at a certain frequency during the week. Phototherapy is getting more and more positive feedback, which proves its safety and efficacy in comparison with alternative therapies in the form of various drugs.

philips 311 uvb lapms

Philips Narrow band UVB medical bulbs are used in portable UVB lamps. As mentioned earlier, such lamps can emit a certain wavelength with a curative effect. Ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 311 UVB has the greatest therapeutic performance, safety and practical application for the patient and the doctor. The use of this radiation has many advantages for the patient:

  • individual selection of dosage for each patient depending on the phototype of the skin,
  • almost no side effects,
  • in combination therapy leads to full resolution of the pathological process,
  • does not require the patient to use special photosensitizers before the procedure,
  • carcinogenesis is much less likely,
  • there is no need to use special protective creams after the procedure,
  • decreases the overall radiation load on the body,
  • preventive effect on healthy skin areas,
  • in contrast to other treatments, it has a relatively small list of contraindications for use.

The lamp with Philips Narrow band UVB medical bulbs has an LCD timer, which allows setting the treatment cycle, such as dose and time of action. Thanks to the special and convenient comb for scalp the device is used not only for the treatment of scalp but also for other parts of the body. Minimizing risk while maximizing benefits is the main result of using Philips UVB Narrowband lamp. The correct dosage is the key to success. Therefore, remember that phototherapy should be carried out according to a specialist’s recommendation or under their supervision.

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