UV lamp KN-4003AL/BL

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Home use 311nm narrowband uvb wand lamps light with comb KN-4003AL/BL.



Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003AL 1*9W-PUVA
KN-4003BL 1*9W-NBUVB


Effective treatment of:

Psoriasis Eczema Vitiligo
Plaque Psoriasis Atopic Dermatitis Generalized Vitiligo
Guttate Psoriasis Contact Dermatitis Segmental Vitiligo
Inverse Psoriasis Dyshidrotic eczema Universal Vitiligo
Pustular Psoriasis Nummular eczema Lip-tip Vitiligo
Erythrodermic Psoriasis Seborrheic Dermatitis
Psoriatic arthritis Psoriasis Stasis Dermatitis


Scalp psoriasis cure with comb, philips medical uvb light therapy for home use. 311nm narrowband uv light lamps is the best treatment for psoriasis, yes timer function, easy operate,wand design,worldwide delivery,free shipping.




Built-in timer, automatic shutdown, accurate treatment. Buid-in reflector increase the effeciency of exposure.





Special comb for scalp psoriasis, keep working distance at 3cm.





Small size and light weight, convient for patients to carry.





110V / 230V with all kinds of plugs available.

Additional information

Use type





120V, 230V

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    I had been traveling 40 minutes round trip to the doctors every week for a couple years to get a 1 to 3 minute UV-B treatment for my psoriasis. The improvement of my treatments went from 3 per week, to 2 per week, to 1 per week during that timeframe. Initially my explosive psoriasis was severe enough that I had to expose my entire body to the UV-B rays in the doctor’s cylindrical stand-up booth. The treatments were effective enough that in time, the psoriasis was reduced to only a few spots here-n-there on my body. Then, when a friend told me about her use of a hand-held UV-B wand, I checked to see if Amazon sold such a device, and of course they did. I now use it at home – as needed – to treat those remaining spots. Now that my visits to the dermatologist are just for periodic checkups, without the booth, my visits are much less frequent, and require much less wear and tear on me and the car.

  2. Helen

    I purchased this for my husband who has psoriasis & eczema. He’s had great results in a short time, I’d say after only 2-3 treatments! It’s easy to use & takes only 15-18 secs per once daily treatment. We consulted with his Dermatologist first & he was completely on board with our choice. Great investment 👍

  3. John M

    Narrowband UVB works for me. I have psoriasis for about 3 years. I bought this handheld one and I use it for 5 mins at a time per patch. It works very well, and after they are gone (takes 1-2 months) they don’t come back. I’m almost psoriasis free, but I might have psoriatic arthritis of my toes, I’m going to try shining UVB lamp on my foot and see if it goes.

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